Happy Place

For those of us who have encountered challenging times, we need an event or weekend to look forward to or look back on with fond memories. These moments make us feel hopeful, with the realization that things may not be as bad as they seem.

For me, that weekend occurred this year in mid-May. My fiancée and many of her family members went to Georgia for the wedding of a cousin of hers. It was a long weekend, but it marked the first time I had been on vacation since my divorce. We left on a Thursday and returned home on the following Monday.

Looking back, the memories from those five days are important to me. The anticipation of waiting at Bradley to fly to Atlanta. Arriving at Atlanta’s airport, the rush of being someplace new, with the excitement of the coming days.

We drove through Atlanta to get to our destination, Lake Lanier. We relaxed by the pool for a good part of the weekend, had a cookout one night at our rented cabin adjacent to the lake.

The wedding, which was on that Saturday, was the best I have attended, as of yet. From the people with whom I was surrounded to the location on the lake, it was a wonderful day and night.

Coming home that Monday was tough, as it is when all vacations end. I have the memories from that weekend, and the hope that I will make more memories from vacations.