Love and Loss

I originally wrote this in October of 2015.  We are engaged and getting married in July.

This past week, my girlfriends grandfather passed away at the ag of 85.  His health had been in decline for a couple weeks, and it was touch and go, for both him and his family.  I met him half a dozen times or so, and he was a very nice man.  Makes me wish my grandfather had lived longer so I could have more memories.  The memories I have are great, I just wish I had more.

My heart broke for my girlfriend, and her whole family.  I was with her Friday for the wake, and Saturday for the funeral.  Seeing her upset made my heart break, going back to his initial hospitalization.  Our relationship, now eight and a half months strong, has seen so many happy moments.  This was the first bad thing that has occurred, and I became one of her strongest support systems.  I learned that to comfort someone, words are not always necessary, simply being present and holding that person is sufficient.

The love for my girlfriend grew exponentially during this difficult time.  It is not necessarily how couples are during ththe good times, but how they handle the difficult times.  I was there for, comforted, and supported her.  This is true love, and she means everything to me.  I will marry her, and cannot wait to do so.  I will do anything for her, and I know the feeling is mutual.